Transparency is the foundation of every Trustworthy relationship. This concept stays with us along every stage of our clients´relationship.


We build long term relationships: we are committed to offer top quality tailored made investment advisory solutions giving our clients access to the best expertise in the market.


Multi custodian and Multi jurisdiction: our clients choose which and where they feel better to deposit their portfolios. Thanks to our partnerships with prestigious institutions, Coventina provides true open architecture and asset diversification solutions.

The Team

Client servicing and alignment with our clients´ interest are part of our DNA.

Over 50 years combined experience in Wealth Management, we decided as a team to further strengthen our commitment with our clients by setting up Coventina to pursue our continued care and provide them with tailor made solutions in search of excellence.

Our team´s international and top rated banking institutions- experience in Wealth Management both in Spain and overseas, combined with our Values and Principles, in-depth knowledge of the business, and a reliable personal and professional network are core requirements and common elements of every member. At Coventina, we work to deliver a top quality value-added wealth planning service to underpin lasting growth for each client and their family´s networth.


Independent Advisory Firm created by and for The Client

Unconstrained Conviction

We search the most appropriate and adapted Solutions to our Clients´ needs: we do not have our own product, we do not have any financial or banking institutions among our shareholders.

Alignment of interests

We exist thanks to our clients´ trust who support a business model where their interests prevail over any others´.


Our longstanding international experience in Top Wealth Management Institutions has given us the capacity to understand, select and offer the most wholistic solution for our clients´ networth.


Clarity is key for any sincere and smooth relationship. At Coventina, we apply this principle, on every step of this relationship with our client: ranging from understanding the financial, business and family requirements and constraints, to our compensation and billing of our services.

Why Coventina

A clear focus on the client: a valid model over more than 15 years in Spain.

A successful international Model

The Independent Financial Advisory  model is a longstanding true and proven solution to the client´s true requirements and constraints.

Open Architecture




Multi jurisdiction

Multi custodian


Our offer


Open Architecture

We give access to the best Solutions in the market through the most prestigious research, asset managers, and specialised services institutions.

We analyse all asset types to cater for an optimal financial planning of the portfolio with a long term view.


Financial Planning

We aggregate all the áreas of the family and business networth and we rely on an extensive network of Tax experts and other specialists to deliver a fully personalized wealth management advisory solution optimising the result of the financial decisions.


Proven Model

Methodology and Discipline are key elements to develop an efficient and sustainable Investment process. In order to optimise the risk return of our portfolios, our asset selection process entails the use of both quantitative and qualitative criteria from a global perspective.



Our analysis and portfolio management reporting system offer a detailed analysis and monitoring the comprehensive consolidated portfolio on a unified statement.

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Our philosophy and Advisory methodology

By taking full charge of an in depth cross section anlysis of the networth, including all Family, business and tax aspects, we respond to our clients´ needs by offering a tailor made solution.



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